Friday, January 23, 2004

Good enough for government work.

Just a stray thought I had about the current resident of the White House:

GWB doesn't want to be a great president. If he ends up being a great president, he's not going to complain, but he really just wants to be good enough. He'll work just as hard as he needs to, but no more than that. He wants to improve the economy, and he wouldn't object to everyone he knows getting stinkin' rich in the process, but if it only improves enough to get him reelected, that's okay. It's good enough. He touts missions to the moon and to Mars, and then doesn't mention them in his State of the Union address only a week later. It's not polling well, so why stick his neck out? There's no great, burning desire in him to be an explorer, no grand plan for a bright, shiny American future in space. Go. Don't go. Whatever. If people are happy with the space program we have now, then we'll leave it alone.

It's good enough.

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