Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Whiskey Bar: The Humanitarian Case for War in Iraq

It's just worth reading. Whiskey Bar: The Humanitarian Case for War in Iraq. Especially the addendum, and Billmon's response to it, from an enlisted soldier under Lt. Col. Nate Sassaman's command. Frankly, I can't understand how it's possible to implement a kinder, gentler imperial rule. Yes, yes, we aren't an empire. But I think that's in name only, as Joshua Marshall makes in a persuasive piece in The New Yorker. It's an interesting game that we're playing. It's not unlike when Bill O'Reilly described boycotts as "unAmerican," and then called for his viewers to stop buying Pepsi products for as long as they employed rapper Ludacris as a spokesperson, urging them to call and write to Pepsi and explain why. That, however, was not a boycott, because he never called it a "boycott." If you don't call a thing a thing, that means it isn't that thing, apparently. If we don't call ourselves and empire, then we aren't an empire. It's just that simple.

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