Friday, February 20, 2004

Whiskey Bar: Patriot Games

A good read here:Whiskey Bar: Patriot Games. But while I'm always impressed with the analysis in posts like these (Orcinus is far and away the best practitioner of it), I'm also dismayed by the lack of a resolution. What do we DO about it? Can we do anything at all? We're talking about groups of people who poke their fingers in their ears and shout "LA LA LA LA!" at the top of their lungs while they regard any attempt to engage them as an attempt to "indoctrinate" them. The solution is always presented as: "We must defeat them at the polls." Well, fine, except the Clinton years weren't exactly a cakewalk. We thought we had elected someone who would put forth at least a slightly progressive agenda, and he got beat back at every turn. Can we look at America today and say that the conservative Republicans were right to destroy any notion of a national health care plan? Private industry can handle this, we were told, while 11 years later health insurance is the first benefit being cut by every employer. Lose your insurance or lose your job.

But I digress. It's hard not to do. My point is that winning at the polls only does so much good, especially since these people really and truly believe that they are fighting for some greater good. They are the "real" Americans, and they -- and ONLY they -- are supposedly privvy to the way of TRUE Americanism. They control all three branches of government right now, and they still believe that they are a persecuted minority, which is an essential component of their identity. They are David fighting Goliath, even if the facts would prove otherwise. They border on delusional, and how do you fight a person's delusions with anything resembling logic and reason?

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