Friday, March 12, 2004

Juan Cole * Informed Comment *

Juan Cole * Informed Comment *

Although the Defense Intelligence Agency is saying that the Iraqi National Congress supplies it with good intelligence, I find it difficult to believe that you couldn't get even better intelligence in Iraq by having DIA agents on the ground just use the $4 million for local informants. You worry about the disinformation Chalabi may be supplying them with. Have any of his personal enemies been picked up?

This revelation follows testimony by CIA director George Tenet that he has had to run around asking high Bush administration officials like Dick Cheney to please not hype intelligence to make it say things that are not in evidence. It turns out that Cheney has been recommending the highly questionable Feith dossier on supposed pre-war links between Saddam and al-Qaeda to people. (Wanna bet Chalabi and his people supplied all those supposed anecdotes in the first place?).

It's the Tinkerbell approach to government. If I want something to be true, if I really, really want it to be true, and I believe it with all my heart, then it will become true. And then, if I get even more people to believe it, democracy takes over and majority rules make it a fact.

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