Thursday, June 17, 2004

Kerry Endorsement

Via The Rittenhouse Review, I see that The Philadelphia Daily News has endorsed John Kerry for president.

He then posts this:
Daily News readers react to the endorsement. Here’s my personal favorite, from one Michael P. Kilhoffer of Philadelphia: “So, the Daily News has joined North Korea, the French, Palestinian terrorists and al Qaeda in endorsing John F. Simoes Ferierra Heinz Kennedy Kerry. You’re in good company.”]

That has got to be, I think, the least effective way of trying to get me to vote for Bush. I suspect that we will see, in due time, at least one person claim that every vote for Kerry makes Baby Jesus cry. You know what? The Earth did not stop spinning on its axis and Jesus did not bodily descend from heaven to witness the death of Ronald Reagan. I don't think that God gives a damn if George W. Bush is president or not. I think that Al Qaeda and Palestinian terrorists hate American foreign policy and stupidly believe that blowing stuff up is an effective means of changing it, and that they don't give a damn if George W. Bush is president or not. Kim Jong Il is crazy, and doesn't give a damn if George W. Bush is president or not. The French are, believe it or not, our allies, as well as a sovereign nation, and both were and are entitled to tell us that they think we're making mistakes. And I don't think they give a damn if George W. Bush is president or not.

George W. Bush, the man and the myth, is not that great. Trying to make yourself believe that he his our modern-day messiah, endowed with special powers to protect us all from harm as long as we all pay him due respect, is a waste of time. If he's so damn powerful, why does he just sit there and look confused all of the time? Why is his whole campaign message now, "I call a do-over"? If you were so damn omnipotent, why didn't you fix everything the first time? Jackass.

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