Saturday, June 12, 2004

More From Kevin Drum

The Washington Monthly: Reagan and Bush

I'm just turning this place into a dumping ground. I check out dozens, if not hundreds, of links a day and need to find someplace to stick them all. There is a weird connect-the-dots game that goes on with blogs, where you click one link, which leads to another link, which leads to another link, and you end up someplace so far removed from where you first started that you have no idea how you got there and you've managed to form some strange notion in the process that you can't possibly explain to anyone because you have to follow this link-to-a-link-to-a-link to see how it all fits together.

So I'm just putting whatever catches my eye up here. A way to reference, if only for myself, what's making me think what I think at any given time.

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