Friday, June 18, 2004

"Need for speed" has a whole different meaning for W.

From Democratic Veteran:
Bush and Cheney told the commission that they remember the phone call; the president said it reminded him of his time as a fighter pilot.
Would that be before or after breaking his oath or while he was playing water polo with the ambitious secretaries? It surely must have been sometime before he forgot to show up for his physical. Amazing how all these years later he remembers being a "fighter pilot" but can't remember where he was or why he forgot to obey orders and show up for that damn physical. Lying Shithead.

I sometimes wonder if GWB's memories of his time as a "fighter pilot" aren't just partially recalled flashbacks from that time he got really stoned in 1986 and sat through "Top Gun" for 15 straight screenings over the long Labor Day weekend.

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