Saturday, July 31, 2004

But Why Would A Terrorist Want To Lie To Us?

High Qaeda Aide Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq

In the paranoid ravings within Karl Rove's mind, Al Qaeda exists solely to see John Kerry elected president. Personally, I don't think they give a damn who the president is -- they attacked US embassies in Africa during Bill Clinton's administration, planned portions of the September 11th attack during the same, and yet carried them out under George W. Bush because they were unbowed and undeterred even though there was a new sheriff in town. Whether Bush is re-elected or Kerry wins, they will try to strike again. Al Qaeda seeks destruction for the sake of chaos, not towards a determined end, despite what they might say. And there is no surer way of creating chaos than by playing competing factions within the infrastructure of your enemy against one another.

Why would you take the word of a high-ranking Al Qaeda operative? Why would you decide that this person, now in your custody, would choose to tell you exactly what you want to hear when what you want to hear provides them with a tactical advantage? "Yeah, we're all over Iraq. Saddam and Osama are tennis partners." Aha! We knew it! Pull the troops out of Afghanistan and send them to Iraq, we're hot on the trail of the evildoers! Meanwhile, this guy is thinking, "Suckers," while Al Qaeda has a chance to retrench in Afghanistan, unmolested, and even pick up and move operations elsewhere.

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