Monday, July 26, 2004

Tour d'Ennui

Am I the only person who doesn't really care that much about Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France?

I mean, it's great for him, and it's certainly an accomplishment to win it six times, but it's not like it's news. He's won it five times before and he was the favorite going in. And in other news, this morning, the sun rose in the east...

What I also find puzzling are the people who are beating the "Go, Lance, Go!" drums so loudly are the ones whom I would normally suspect of treating a sport that involved a lot of men in spandex taking bike rides through the scenic French countryside with heaping helpings of derision. They're praising Armstrong in one moment, then mocking John Kerry for wearing the same get up and pedaling around Boston the next because no real American would go in for such a sport. You're never going to give a boost to the expensive racing bike manufacturers with that kind of an attitude.

Of course I know the reason why they're happy: The French. Somehow, we've defeated the Frecnh. Even though a German was the nearest competitor, we've triumphed over the French. Hooray for us! And now, diligent researchers are scouring the countryside, looking for someone, anyone, to berate and belittle the massive achievement of Lance Armstrong -- JUST LET THEM TRY! And they'll finally content themselves with finding some poor drunken sop, probably a Belgian on holiday, to say something mildly inflammatory after considerable prompting and the promise to buy the next round, as proof conclusive that the French are not to be trusted.

Like I said, am I the only one who doesn't really care?

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