Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Um, Right...

I found this via Boing Boing: "Fear of Hell Might Fire Up the Economy". The "theory" seems to be that a well-developed belief in -- and therefore a fear of -- hell staves off corruption and promotes honesty. Oooookaaaaayy. Now, I'm no economist, but that "Corruption and Fear of Hell" chart at the bottom of the page doesn't seem to show a correlation between anything. The "GDP per capita and Corruption" does, but the other chart would seem to suggest that fear of hell, or a lack of it, has absolutely no bearing. In fact, I would think that a large, healthy economy is better suited to weather the corruption within it, where a smaller, less evenly distributed one would be held in the thrall of the small number of people who control it.

The question that's begging to be asked is: What Federal funds were used to produce this piece of crap? And at whose directive was the "conclusion" drawn in advance?

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