Thursday, August 19, 2004

Swiftvets for the Artful Dodger

Good discussion in Slate between William Saletan and Jacob Weisberg about the Swift Boat ads.

What I don’t understand about the vets who hate Kerry is this: Okay, you don’t like that he turned against the war after he came back. Fair enough, I guess, but it seems that some of you are pissed that he told tales out of school, not that he made anything up. The crap that others perpetrated and that you knew nothing about has been used to taint you. You have every right to be angry about that, but I happen to think that you’d be better served by being pissed at the ones who committed war crimes. Yes, the Vietnamese committed crimes, too. It was a shitty situation that a bunch of kids who only wanted to do the right thing were thrown into for the greater glory of a bunch of officers who should have known better. That’s what I always thought Kerry’s point was. Vietnam was a folly that was beneath the United States. Still, it’s your right to not vote for Kerry.

What I don’t get it is why you’re supporting Bush. You were, as far as he was concerned, saps. You were dopes who couldn’t figure out how to be born into a well-connected family and stay the hell out of Vietnam. He played you for fools then and he’s playing you for fools now. He’s proud of you and your service, not because of what you did for your country but for what you did for him, namely keeping him for getting shot at.

If you think he gives a damn about the military and the grunts, he doesn’t. He’s clueless. He’s talking about missile defense again. MISSILE DEFENSE! It’s the same crap he was spouting before 9/11/2001. A missile defense shield wouldn’t have kept us safe then, and it won’t work now. In case he hasn’t noticed, they aren’t using ICBMs in Najaf.

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