Saturday, September 18, 2004

I Need A Few Minutes Here

I have felt compelled for the last few days to assiduously avoid political blogs. They've been having an unpleasant effect on my mood and my general disposition. I need to stop, step back, gain some perspective, and then carefully wade back in. It's not that the blogs aren't important or useful, it's just that as we head into these last six weeks before the election, I expect a lot of things to get very, very nasty. Because of that, I'm getting defensive, and not always for a good reason, or even any reason at all. I still have friends and family and co-workers that, while I may or may not agree with them politically, are relationships decidedly based on things that are not political.

I keep deriding the Republican party for turning everything into a Manichean black-or-white issue -- you're for us or you're against us, all or nothing -- and yet I'm finding myself tensing up whenever someone brings up a vaguely political issue because I start projecting all sorts of ugly stereotypes onto the people around me. So I'm going to try and chill out, at least through the weekend, and see what happens next week.

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