Thursday, November 04, 2004

Vive La Resistance!

So yesterday, Leander Kahney at Cult of Mac posted his not-so-happy thoughts concerning the outcome of the election. Today, he posts some of the replies he received. I only skimmed through them, since I knew what was coming. Lots of support, quite a few saying 'Stick to writing about Apple/Macs"*, and the inevitable disagreements. This one caught my eye and then got under my skin:
"Peter Jennings described the core of the problem well: there is a cultural rift between the Liberal and Conservative states much like that between India and Pakistan. Neither side understands the other, and there are few in the middle. California and New York are out of touch with America. "

No, numb nuts, California and New York ARE America, just as much as any red state. More so, even, if you move away from that damned red-state/blue-state map. Let's put it this way: Wyoming looks huge, but only has 3 electoral votes. Know why? Because not a lot of people live in Wyoming! So while it looks like these little tiny enclaves of blue states are out of touch with these wide swaths of red that cut through the continent, those blue states make up 48% of the population. America is the people that make it, not the dirt on which it resides. You don't like it? Then YOU move. Meanwhile, we're going to try and drag your medieval ass into the 21st century.

And is it any wonder that those red states are clustered in the center of the country, cut off from the coasts, insulated from any influx of new people and ideas, locked in a little echo chamber and devoid of any of the vitality that makes this country great? You know, the kinds of places where it seems like a good idea to marry your first-cousin?

Look, even FOX News operates out of New York. For all their goings on and on about simple heartland values (which exist mainly in the form of pork-barrel projects that take tax revenue from the more affluent and prosperous blue-states and redistribute it to the red-states; free-market my ass), most of them wouldn't be caught dead in a red-state if they weren't paid to do it. And even then, only for a couple of days. Go ahead, write to Roger Ailes and tell him to relocate to Omaha. I'm sure he'll get right on it, you dumb bastard.

* - Why is it that the same people who keep imploring left-leaning individuals stop talking/writing politics and get back to whatever it is that they're supposed to do (as though we aren't all supposed to be politically informed and involved citizens) never quite feel the need to restrain themselves from political discussion?

Oh, right. Because they're all a bunch of hypocritical fucktards. Tough shit for them.

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