Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Inauguration Day!


The Poorman says:
Everyone in America had a pretty tough day on 9/11, and in the days and weeks and months that followed, I'd say most of us said, or at least thought, things that we wouldn't even try to stand behind today. It was frightening, and it didn't really make much sense, and a lot of people found certainty and security by making themselves believe that the universe had suddenly become a totally different place, where the President - yesterday, by everyone's admission, a man of no particular accomplishment or substance - had become this messianic figure, capable of resolving the world's most tortuous and least resolvable problems with one neat and decisive stroke. With such a figure, you don't have to worry about the corrupting influence of power, and a prudent doubt is not a virtue, but something close to heresy or sin. Naturally, such a great and good man requires great and diabolical enemies, and these enemies became anyone who doubted - liberals, Democrats, foreigners, reporters, academics, professionals, whoever. It makes you feel better. It's intoxicating. But it doesn't have much relation to reality. When reality conflicts with fantasy, you can either abandon the fantasy, and deal with the hangover that follows, or burrow deeper into fiction. And the harsher the reality, the nastier the hangover, and the deeper you need to go to avoid it.

And before that, he wrote:

A few steps more and we’ll be wondering aloud about the likelihood that an intellectually incurious failed businessman who couldn’t name the leader of Pakistan 5 years ago and who considers the free press a distorting “filter” has come up with a cunning plan to defuse generations-long tensions in the Muslim world and our relationship with it. From there it’s but a short step to wondering why, only 3 years after learning the hard way about the danger of fanatical international terrorists, we are so focused on fighting impotent “evil”, and so unconcerned with little matters like destroying al-Qaeda, stopping nuclear proliferators, and not giving dissatisfied young Muslim men 50,000 new reasons to hate the shit out of us. And then all that’s left is to get down to brass tacks and ask yourself if Victor Davis Hanson’s nocturnal emissions are really a sound basis for a foreign policy. Turn back, before it’s too late!

It's amazing what you can get away with achieve with a campaign based upon the threat that a failure to vote for you will lead to your loved ones being slaughtered by terrorists, and oh yeah, doesn't my opponent look French? your simple, folksy charm.


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