Saturday, January 08, 2005

Natural disasters and God's will

You’re on shaky ground when you try to interpret natural disasters as God’s will

Does it mean that the righteous can live on the edge of a cliff and nothing could ever possibly happen to them? We’re human; we sin. And punishments may not always seem just. Doesn’t anyone remember the book of Job?

To say that we can’t know God’s will while speaking for Him is to contradict one’s self.

Maybe the test wasn’t to flood the beaches and kill the “sinners.” Maybe the test is going on now, challenging those of us who’ve survived or watched from afar to see how well we respond, how compassionate we can be, how Christ-like a state we can rouse ourselves into. Can we help and provide comfort without judging? Looks like we can’t, and it looks like we’re failing.

Last year, four hurricanes hit Florida in quick succession. How many of the smug assholes who claim the tsunami in Asia is a sign of God’s will urged Floridians to repent?

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