Sunday, April 03, 2005


Neil Gaiman pointed this out on his blog -- a review of a book called "Leah's Way" at Steph's Book Reviews that the publisher didn't like, so they told her...and that she put up as a post script to the review. My favorite parts are when the publisher's representative writes things like:
And, unbeknownst to you, it helps us when "politically correct, hate anything Christian" liberals choose sides as you have done in the culture wars. By the way, we're winning. And for your sake, I hope you can come to some resolution of your inherent bitterness and realization that for all your talent you haven't accomplished much. Wouldn't it be a better world if you went out and did something instead of trashing others?

But if you claim to be as professional as you are, you would at least volunteer to remove the negative review of Leah's Way from your website.

and especially this little non-sensical bit
You picked on Leah's Way solely because your biases predispose you to hate it. That's not a critic, that's a propaganda machine like Goebbels was under Hitler. The only good news is that people like you, and you specifically, don't matter. You're so inconsequential that it is like you simply don't exist. Don't bother responding. I won't bother reading your response, and you'll have your attention hoping nature's worst nightmare come true--you'll be ignored. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life. You should; you're the only one who cares about it or who will notice.

I was all ready to make a point about the publishing company being a Christian imprint, but then I found this through this (and that was based on a Google search of "Windstream Publishing"):
"I did a little digging into "Windstream Publishing," Sue Eccleston's imprint, and discovered just why she's so intent on defending the publication of Leah's Way. It seems that Windstream only publishes the one book, and does it from Danville, California...which just happens to be where the book's author, Richard Botelho, lives. In fact, Botelho's also the contact person listed for Windstream in the PMA directory. Looks like the book's self-published--and while the full extent of Eccleston's connection to Botelho is not clear to me, her unprofessional conduct in "support" of the book is nevertheless a little less mind-boggling."

So it sounds less like some Christian publisher acting not only in an un-Christian manner but an unprofessional one at that, than it is a case of someone who hoped to jump on the Chrstian publishing bandwagon and self-published something (and I suppose you can draw your own conclusion about the quality of it from that little tidbit) and decided to make up a new persona to fight on his behalf (I feel like I should put ironic quotes in there somewhere, but I can't decide between "fight" and "his"). It's less enraging and more sad and pathetic.

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