Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What A Pathetic Protest

From the Associated Press via Yahoo!:Mo. Man Spits Tobacco Juice at Jane Fonda
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man spit tobacco juice into the face of Jane Fonda after waiting in line to have her sign her new memoir. Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department said Michael A. Smith, 54, was arrested Tuesday night on a municipal charge of disorderly conduct.


Smith, a Vietnam veteran, told The Kansas City Star Wednesday that Fonda was a "traitor" and that her protests against the Vietnam War were unforgivable. He said he doesn't chew tobacco but did so Tuesday solely to spit juice on the actress.

"I consider it a debt of honor," he told The Star for a story on its Web site. "She spit in our faces for 37 years. It was absolutely worth it. There are a lot of veterans who would love to do what I did."


[Bookstore owner Vivian] Jennings said the actress never got up from her seat and continued autographing books after the tobacco juice was wiped off.

"The important thing is that she was so calm and so gracious about it," Jennings said of Fonda. "She was wonderful."

Jennings said that the man had a book to which the name "Jody" had been affixed as he approached to have it autographed. She said that when Fonda got the book, she looked up and said, "You're not Jody."

"At that moment, he turned his head quickly and spit a trail of tobacco juice," Jennings said. "He immediately jumped off the stage and started running down the aisle."

He ran away?

He waited 37 years for his chance, and after carrying out his terribly manly and warrior-like deed he ran away?

He fulfills what he calls "a debt of honor," and then ran away?

No standing his ground? No name-rank-and-serial-number? No pithy statement to accompany his grand gesture? He had 37 years to think of one, after all.

No, he ran away.

Like a little boy who did some annoying and mischievous thing, he gallumped down the aisle thinking that he could outrun mommy.

Jeeee-sus, what a pussy.

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