Saturday, September 09, 2006

Changes Are Afoot

I just signed up for the Blogger Beta. Apparently, the first ones who are allowed to sign up are the ones who have the least complicated blogs around, so I qualified rather easily.

The most exciting part is the addition of categories (or, as Blogger is calling them, "Labels"), which you will notice have appeared at the bottom of new (and selected old) posts, as well as in a column to the right.

I also changed the template bcause I had to -- the deeper changes wouldn't take effect unless I did. I could have kept the same basic look, but figured it might be a good chance for some cleaning up. I also have to admit that while I liked the dark blue look of the old template, the light text on a dark background bugs me and my aging eyes on other sites, so I should lead by example and fix that.

On top of all that, should I even make a promise to post more often? Time, time, time; we are surrounded by it by never have enough of it. Alas.

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