Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cheap Music

I'm trying out as an alternative to buying everything from iTunes. Not that there's really anything wrong with the iTS (formerly the iTMS), but at $10 for 40 tracks a month, that translates to 25¢ per song versus 99¢ at iTunes. It's a great way to justify trying some stuff without breaking the bank, PLUS they come as MP3s with no DRM, so they play on my Macs, in iTunes, and on my iPod. And while there is no advantage to buying a whole album over individual tracks like iTunes, on some albums...well, look at how this one broke down:

The Album: Jazz in Paris: Lionel Hampton & His French New Sound, Vol. 1. This album happens to have only 4 songs on it. price (CD): $13.49
iTunes price: $9.99
emusic price: 4 tracks @ 25¢ = $1*

The drawback (and you knew there had to be one) is that the selection is primarily independent labels, which means that the latest and "greatest" pop music isn't available.

Oh. Darn.

* - Technically, it didn't cost me anything; I'm still on my 25 free trial tracks. Woo hoo!