Wednesday, October 04, 2006

They Don't Get It

The last paragraph in the LA Times story, "Foley Case Shakes GOP," about the resignation of Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) last Friday amid accusations of inappropriate sexual advances made towards Congressional pages:
The statement [from The Arlington Group, a coalition of leading social conservative groups] asserted that House Republicans may have failed to sufficiently investigate Foley because they feared "a backlash from the radical gay rights movement."

Huh? What backlash? The "radical gay rights movement," if such a thing exists, would already have hated the conservative members of Congress who are nominally "in charge". What possible repercussions could they release upon the poor legislators who have made careers by declaring how hated they are by the radical homosexuals? Was Foley juiced? Could he have had them whacked?

What they're really saying is that when faced with a so-called degenerate within their own body, within their own party, they did nothing. The party of morality couldn't even be bothered to deal with someone who actually HAD crossed a moral and ethical line! Not when *gasp* politics were involved!