Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How the Liberal Press Gets Labeled As Such

Glen Greenwald's observation about Mark Halperin's pleadings with Hugh Hewitt.

Giving Halperin the benefit of the doubt, and that may be generous, I assume that he is doing on this little book tour jaunt of his is reassuring these partisan hosts that he'll try really, really hard to be neutral. He'll try to give air to the legitimate concerns that conservatives have without making them out to be a bunch of backward kooks and crazies.

If he's paying attention, what he should be learning is that it doesn't matter.

Hewitt declares Halperin liberal because it suits Hewitt's cause. If Halperin on his own is this willing to bend over backwards, then how much further will he bend when he the people to whom he is trying to appeal, the people for whom he believes he already speaks for, declare that he is One of Them?

I have no idea what drives this, if it's neo-conservatism, or if it should be properly termed Republicanism, since it derives more from a loyalty to a party and it's leadership than to any particular ideology, but it's pretty irrational, and Halperin is trying to reason with it.

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