Thursday, January 04, 2007

Geeky Squeals of Delight

Occassionally, BoingBoing is good for something.

If you don't want to go the long way, let me say that Mark Frauenfelder has pointed to a wealth of geeky British TV goodness at Google Video in the form of "The Secret Life of Machines".

I remember spending a whole afternoon watching these on the Discovery Channel one weekend about 10 years ago. Good times. For some reason, I remember the one about the fax machine best of all:

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reading the Tea Leaves

So, there's a lot of speculation in some quarters about the above image as it is found on the front page of Apple's website. It seems to imply something, while further consideration shows that it does nothing other than state one fact and offer one salutation.

This is due in part to Macworld San Francisco opening next week, with a keynote address by Steve Jobs scheduled for Tuesday morning, and the many prognostications and predictions that will be made between now and then. And this is why it is time to revisit The Apple Product Cycle, first posted back in July of 2004.

My prediction? That most of the people making predictions are going to be veeerrry disappointed next week. And that will be very quickly followed by anger that they didn't get what they foolishly speculated that they were going to get.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Post!

Woot! First post of 2007! I --

Oh wait...


(Although, apropos of nothing, I was looking at my blog stats over on the right-hand side and noticed that I posted only 34 times in 2006! Compare that to the 143 posts in 2004. Still pathetic, I know, when you compare it to the big guns, but it does add up to almost three times a week.

When-oh-when is Blogger going to devleop the technology that will write all of the posts that I meant to do in the last year? All of the great ideas that I decided that I had to do things like research before I went flying off the handle, so I set them aside. Such a waste. I guess I need to resolve to think less and write more in 2007.)