Saturday, May 12, 2007

This Doesn't Make Me Feel Any Better

Colleagues Cite Partisan Focus by Justice Official

It's another scary rundown of how an inexperienced and incompetent Regent University grad actively worked to ruin the United States in the name of God and the Republican party. But what I noticed was the photo of Monica Goodling:

She reminded me of somebody, but who? Ah, yes:

Angela from "The Office".

[Dunder Mifflin party planning committee meets in conference room to discuss holiday party festivities for the office]
Angela: Phyllis, I need you to pick up green streamers at lunch.
Phyllis: I thought you said that green was whorish.
Angela: No, orange is whorish.
[Camera pulls back to show Phyllis wearing an orange blouse]
Karen: Uh, so I had a couple ideas to make the Stamford branch feel more at home. Each year we have a Christmas raffle.
Angela: It would never work here.
Karen: OK. Um, another idea is karaoke.
Angela: No.
Karen: A Christmas drinking game?
Meredith: Yes!
Angela: God help you.
Karen: What?
Angela: These are all terrible ideas and none of them are on the theme of "A Nutcracker Christmas". I think you should leave.
Karen: [Laughs nervously, unsure what to do] You are kidding.
Angela: You tried this out and it's clearly not for you. You need to leave. Now.

Yeah. I think that's it.