Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Books Read in 2010: "The War for Late Night" by Bill Carter

What with Conan O'Brien's new show starting on TBS this week, this seemed like a good choice.

A good rehashing of the whole unpleasant affair. Although the best parts may come in the epilogue, where some analysis comes into play and perspective is achieved. As Jerry Seinfeld notes, with either great clarity or great cynicism, "The Tonight Show," as most people idolized it, ended when Johnny Carson retired. The show that Conan O'Brien wanted to host was that show, not "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." But that show is no more. As Seinfeld continues, no one says "I'm doing the 'Tonight Show'," they say "I'm doing Jay," or Dave, or Conan, or Kimmel, or whomever. "Tonight" used to be the only game in town worth playing for, now its just one of many.

So, ultimately, would it have mattered if Conan went on at 12:05 instead of 11:35? No matter what, he wasn't going to be Johnny Carson. Or Jay Leno. Or Jack Paar or Steve Allen, for that matter.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Books Read in 2010: "A Study in Scarlet" by Arthur Conan Doyle


I caught the first episode of the modern-day "Sherlock", the first episode of which was entitled "A Study in Pink," and decided that I wanted to re-read the source material. There's only superficial resemblances between "Scarlet" and "Pink," but both are fun.

It's interesting to see how it all started, and I'd forgotten that this was the story that involved the whole Mormon subplot. One of the first times I'd ever read anything about the Latter Day Saints that hadn't derived from one of their '70s and '80s era PSA/commercials, and that made me go, "Really?"

Anyway, all of the Holmes books have been downloaded from the internet and uploaded to my Kindle. I'll be good for a while.

Oh, and there are lots of cool Holmes covers out there for the picking. Sort of the great thing about public domain titles featuring characters who are known by anyone who hasn't read a single word.